Black Dog

The Livery Home Boarding Welcomes You

The Country Retreat For Dogs

The Livery Home Boarding is a home away from home for your four-legged friend. Whether they’re coming for a day, night or extended stay, we promise they’ll  have the best care possible.  We will love and care for dog just as much as you do.  We realise this is a big responsibility for us, as we want you to enjoy your holiday without  worrying about your dog.

Your dog will enjoy up to 3 long walks a day on  private land  depending on 

their ability.

Your dog can then relax in our country home( no kennels or cages) with our resident Labrador, and wander in our dog friendly garden.

We cater for all breeds and will take large dogs.  We do like male dogs to be neutered out of respect to our dog, but we do realise that some unneutered dogs will get along just fine with her.